Cot set

Here is a cot set I have made for my granddaughter. Her Dad has made her an absolutely beautiful dolls cot. Of course she needed some bedding to go with it. It is made with an old quilt cover with some lace added, I have quilted around the sheep as I thought it would look nicer that way.

I am sure she is going to love it on Christmas morning.

Now we just need to make a childs workbench, and a replica wooden Rayburn woodburning stove, these are supposed to be finished by Christmas day. I think not somehow.


My Creative Space

My creative space today is on Skull a day, my sugar skull adults T was featured there but I just discovered it today. Little butterflies of glee in my tummy.
Makes a change from apple brooches that I have been putting together for the last 2 weeks.

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Brooches and Magnets and Key Rings Oh My!

I have been rather busy today making new backs for my brooches, Magnets and Key Rings. I have wanted to do this for so long as the old ones were looking a bit jaded, so took a bit of time today to rectify it. I am sure there will be changes along the way, but for now I am rather pleased with them.


My Creative Space

This week I have been making small tote bags that will have little things appliqued onto them. I love this dotty fabric. I got around 6 mtrs for a really low price which always makes it that little bit nicer.
I have also been making key rings and brooches. These are to top up my stock for the craft fairs I have booked for the run up to Christmas.

I think I should really be sorting out things I am making for folks for Christmas, it is going to be a handmade Christmas again this year. The best way.

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Floppy Calico Bunny

Another bunny finished and ready to go. I have made this one slightly larger all round, still has the floppy feel to it, not sure if I prefer the original size or not. And this one has embroidered features rather than painted ones. Time will tell.


A very kind gesture

I had to find a new stabiliser to use inside the freemotion baby vests I make. I had tried it without and the fabric stretches which is not the best for the design. I had tried another type of iron in stabilizer but it made the vests stiff as a board!

I asked about stabilisers on The Sewing Forum , where I have picked up many helpful tips and hints. I got a few replies one of which reccommended Floriani stabilisers. I had a look and they are pretty pricey! I wondered if it was possible to buy a few little bits to see if it was in fact what I needed. Then I had a reply from Annie (another member who is always around to give a hand). She offered to send me a couple of her bits so that I could try them out.

Big thanks to Annie as it was such a kind thing to do, I found that the Floriani no show mesh fusible is 'the one'.

The pics don't show the actual Floriani fusible just part of the process.


Finished Skull T-Shirt

Here is the finished skull T-Shirt that has gone off to it's new home. They are really pleased with it and I am as well, it took a hell of a lot of sewing but I enjoyed it.
I seem to be going through a bit of an embroidered felt phase. I have added a few little felt bird keyrings to my things for my craft stalls, still haven't taken any pictures hopefully time will allow for this soon.......


Cookie Monster

Just gotta love him! 40 years of Sesame Street, one of the TV programmes I never minded my kids watching.


The Quilt Project

The wonderful Quilt Project that was an idea hatched by Kirsty at Kootoyoo was launched today. I was so sorry that I couldn't be there in person and see all the wonderful squares, but Kirsty has done a stirling job with the Quilt Project Blog so we can get a good look at what everyone has done.

When I first spotted this I jumped in and said I would make a square, then a couple of days later I realised that I had to actually make a square, send it off and let it be seen next to all the lovely ones that everyone else had made. It was then that I considered telling Kirsty I couldn't do it. I had a stern word with myself and spent about 3 weeks racking my brain as to what I could put on my square.

The Quilt is now made and it is really wonderful and I am so pleased that I have been a part of it. Thank you to you all.


My Creative Space

I am posting my creative space just a little early this week. Reason being is I am going to have no time to join in tomorrow and still want to be part of the fun!! I need some fun as work is so busy I just find I have no time for myself, and my 'me' time is making stuff.

The one little window within all of this I crammed in a whole bunch of things which have all only been partly done. I have an apple brooch waiting to have the back put on, a Russian Doll bag to put a label on, a couple of small skull keyrings to put together, some 'crossed' bones which look very phallic! And I have to get on with the skull T as it is an order for someone. Eeeeek! And I know the next space of time I get to myself I must get that machine out and go for it!!!

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My Creative Space

My Creative Space has changed somewhat over the last three or four weeks. My 'real' day time job has picked up again and I have a lot more work to do right now. Which is great cos it means I get paid, as I am a freelancer no work, no pay.

So instead of making things and immersing myself in fabric and thread I am immersing myself in html and Photoshop and collecting peoples stories for a project I am working on, which I really enjoy but I had quite got used to spending lots of time making and blogging! I am sure normality will return and my workload will return to zilch!

So this is a late Creative Space today, it is 10.35 pm on Thursday and just had to spend some time making something before I go to bed! So I got out my nice threads that I got from a charity shop for around 20p. These threads are really fine, not a lot more than sewing thread. I am sure the proper crocheters amongst us will be familiar with them. My Mum used to use them to do tatting, but I have never used them before. So I got out my crochet hook that my Mum gave me about a month ago and had another go at making a flower that she taught me. I will say nothing about my efforts! But I will try to improve as and when I get the opportunity!

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Sugar Skull T-Shirt

And here is Emma's Sugar Skull T-Shirt. I really enjoyed doing this one, I would like to get one more made before the market on Saturday. Not sure whether that will actually happen though, as I have so much on!


A Horse Tale

A friend wanted to buy a sugar skull T-shirt from me but decided she wanted a larger size. She brought along her daughter who loved the style but wanted a horse instead, you know these horse mad girlies.
I thought I would give it a go, see how it worked out.

Here are the results, what do reckon? I think she will like it. Nearly finished the sugar skull one as well.


My Creative Space

I am sharing my creative space with lots of lavender again. It smells lovely as I sew them and I got lots of comments about their lovely smell on the stall last week.

I am also sewing a horse Tshirt. Lots of felt and swirly stitchy mane. More about that one later.

Today my creative space has also been sorting out a tech problem at work. I run a html course on Thursday mornings. The room that I use has just updated internet explorer. This has thrown up problems with viewing and editing the source code of webpages with notepad which used to be the default source code viewer. It has been changed with the upgrade to default to word which is not what I want to be doing.
So a quick call to the IT guys who do the support only to be told that there is nothing that can be done about it. No sorry that is not the answer I was looking for...........this is where Dr Google came in. It took me a minute to Google it, a minute to ring the tech guy and explain how to change the default viewer back to notepad! Why did I have to do that, why didn't he use google? Twit!

I decided to use one of my lavender bags to relax a little instead of banging my head against the wall!

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After the Event

The Milton Keynes MaKe event was great! I shared a stall with Dotty's Hats and Leif Treasure Baskets. Very good company.
My stall was next to Alissa's plus-size clothes swap very nice lady and very popular event. Hope to see this again!
Which was conveniently next to the lovely cakes and biscuits! Very tasty and they had Vegan cake as well which was much appreciated by my daughter.
Lots of talented people there, I made some new contacts plus I managed to not spend too much which is very hard to do when you are faced with lovely things you want to buy and can't just walk away.

I am hoping the MaKe event will happen again......


My Creative Space

I have been to visit my sister this morning who has now finished Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy and looks amazingly well. She is managing to walk around a lot more. She is so totally bored at home after being practically a workaholic we have tried to keep her busy. My Mum has taught her to crochet so the granny squares are being made at great haste.

My little project for the day has been more lavender bags. I have been using some pretty fabrics like the russian doll and sacred heart stuff. These are for the Make event (previous blog post) on Sunday.

The lavender is so strong, but it is so lovely. Each time I walk into the house we have the lovely aroma. The lavender bag experience has brought back so many childhood memories for me. My Mum used to make them, my Dad would grow the lavender, it would be dried and my Mum would make all kinds of little bags for family and friends.

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MaKe Event Milton Keynes

I will be at the Milton Keynes MaKe event on Sunday sharing a stall with two other lovely ladies. So if you are in the area, drop by, say hi.


My little Surprise

I had been moaning, yet again, to my long suffering other half that I couldn't use my cone threads as they get caught up in my machine and drive me wild with broken thread, catching etc...
In the middle of one of these rants he got up and disappeared into the garden and came back in ten minutes later with this little beauty! Well that is an exaggeration as beauty it is not! But what it is is a fantastic thing that means I can now use my cones without spending dosh on a purpose made one. He even wrote in red pen "Willy's patented thread holder" and a cross where to stand my cone. He is so helpful!


My Creative Space

I have some poly cotton here that I have only used a little bit of. My daughter has asked me to make her some little drawstring bags for her latest venture, more about that another time! I put together 8 little bags for her. It was really nice to be making something really simple and straightforward so that I didn't have to concentrate the whole time, plus sitting there with the tip of my tongue sticking out as I concentrate is not a good look! And it is always nice to make things for our kids isn't it.
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Time for a lovely cup of tea!

I made my brother a nice cup of tea last week, he had just come round for a chat, he got to the bottom of his cup and look what he found! He was not that impressed. I don't mind spiders personally but don't really want them hanging around in the bottom of our cups! Was that one lump or two?


My Creative Space

My Blog Avatar
Turned into a line drawing and traced onto tracing paper (I didn't need to do this stage but wanted to see how it would look)

Then traced onto stabilizer
Pinned to fabric
Sew, sew, sew
and here is the finished piece.

My Creative space has picture overload this week! I was up at the crack of dawn finishing off my piece for The Quilt Project. It is now finished and all that is left is to parcel it up and send it off to Kootoyoo in fact where you can see many more creative spaces.


The Tree

I was trying to take a picture of two of my grandchildren next to that tree they are standing next to. It was so difficult! It was like trying to keep ants on a sixpence! Right ones there, go and get the other, right first one has run off, OK get that one sorted now go get the other and so on. Will ran around for five minutes and this is the best shot I got! It gave us a laugh anyway.
This tree is down by the local river. My Dads ashes are under that tree. We planted it as a little sapling in 2000 after his cremation. It was his favourite spot where he used to walk his dog so we thought it would be appropriate as he spent so much time there.
I rang the Parks Trust who look after that part of the river and surrounding land to see what they had to say about me planting a tree with my dads ashes underneath, I was prepared to do it anyway, I just preferred to do it the right way if possible, I can be a little headstrong.
I was pleasantly surprised when they said that it was fine, they would buy the tree as they were repopulating that area anyway and they even sent someone down earlier to dig the hole.
We (me and Will, my three children and my brother, his wife and son) arrived with our ashes and the guy who prepared the hole disappeared for a bit to leave us to it. We put his ashes in and put some nasturtiums in the hole as well. Each of our children put some soil in the hole and the guy came and filled it in properly and put up a support for the little tree. The only thing they asked was that we have no plaque or flowers there, this was what I wanted anyway so was fine by me.
We then spent a bit of time by the river with the children, it meant so much more to me than the service we had at the crematorium. This was my real goodbye to my Dad.


My Creative Space

My Creative Space today is all about The Quilt Project. I have made my design and got my red thread. I am not sharing the design yet because I have made so many and changed my mind so many times now!
I have not made anything else at all since I received my calico square, this is going round in my mind so much I have no space for anything else. I want it in the post and safely in Kirsty's hands!

My Creative Space today has also had a lot of "Oh my god my little baby boy is going to University"! He got his Alevel results today and he got good enough grades to go to his first choice of Uni for his first choice of course. Good Lad!
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I found this butterfly today dead on my windowsill. It is so lovely it didn't deserve to be thrown away so thought I would share.


The Ikea fabric trip

Here is the fabric I chose for the curtains in my newly decorated bedroom. I was so pleased to see that they had lots of new lines of fabrics and my fave happened to be the cheaper ones!
Then when I thought we were done I spotted the next fabric. There was one small piece of it left. Just enough to do the windows in my front door in fact, so that had to come home with me as well!

My Creative Space

My creative space today consists of Ikea shopping for curtains for our newly decorated bedroom. I had originally wanted new cupboards and shelving but money, alas, dictates that this is not possible so it is curtains to hide the shelves behind.
I haven't been to Ikea for such a long time I have no idea what fabric lines they have in at the moment. I hope I am pleasantly surprised!

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Summer Butterflies

Hooray for my felt being back where it belongs. To celebrate I made a Summer Butterfly bodysuit.
I loved making that, I think I will have to do a little more applique.
This is the first lovely weekend we have had weather wise and we are decorating the bedroom. Not just a quickie paint job either, sanding the floor redoing the ceiling and all fun (not!) things like that. It will be great when it is done though!


My Creative Space

My creative space has been returned to harmony! If you read this post here, you will understand how sad I have been about losing some of my things. But during the week I received a parcel. And in it all of my lovely things I left behind in the cupboard whilst on holiday.
The thing that I am most pleased about is my lovely tin that my Dad gave me so many years ago. If he were alive now he would have told me not to be so daft and it was only an old tin, but so many memories are attached to the small amount of things I have left of his that I couldn't bear to lose that little tin. It is great to have all the other stuff back as well but all of those could be replaced.
So big love to everyone that was involved in finding my stuff and getting it back to me. Thank you so much, so my creative space today will involve lots of going through it all again and being happy!

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Cupcakes, Cocktails and Cross Stitch

I went along to this event today. It was such good fun. We were greeted at the door by girls dressed in vintage outfits handing out free delicious cupcakes and Vodka Jello (£1).

The cocktail bar was selling such cocktails as the shoreditch sunrise, which went down well, although I had a tap water as usual.

Lots of cross stitchers, I forgot to take a picture of the table selling all the goodies and the tray of cross stitching kits.

And in that last picture just look! Three men doing cross stitch. There were around 6 or 7 guys I saw there taking part and it was just so nice. The venue was great, it had a roof garden with barbeque, bands playing in the basement and it was just an all round relaxed place. I want to host one now.