The Squirrel

I have at last put together the squirrel. This has been hanging over me for a couple of weeks so decided enough is enough. He doesn't have eyes yet but at least his ears and tail are on! The Squirrell and I are still not on talking terms but I can see that could be rectified soon.
For the book he is calico and Cath Kidston fabric, and the reason we fell out was that his back which is now covered by tail just wouldn't do as it was told!


Pie for Dinner

So I wanted a pie. I decided on Quorn and Mushroom but was outvoted for a Quorn Mince and Potato. I like making half wholemeal and half white flour pastry. So here is the finished thing before it was noshed. It was no mean feat as the pie is actually huge.

With the leftover pastry I made Apricot Hearts. There were around 10 of these but they were soon finished off as well!


My Creative Space

Two pics this week for me. Here is a pic of what is hanging around on the dining table today. These pieces of calico will become a panda. I have the bits cut out and ready to go. Also skulking around in the background is that darn squirrel that I have fallen out with! Must get to grips with him and get him out of my hair. If you notice on the second pic it says 'put together squirrel'. Mmmmmm.
The other pic is some sketches I have done for another up and coming project. lookey who else is playing.


A Bird in the Bush

Actually not a bush it is in my Pink Magnolia tree that my lovely significant other bought me, he has the ability to be sweet now and again.

Today I decided to make a little bird. It is my first one. I like her but I should have put the ribbon a little further down. It is also the first time I have used buttons for eyes which I am quite pleased with. Chirpy little character.

Sorry it is such a rubbish photo, you can't really see her eyes (red buttons on red Hmmmm) or her wings.


Mothers Day

We don't do Mothers Day big time in our family as we live by the rule that we are all important all of the time, it's an ever changing thing! But my daughter always, always gets me a cute little pressie. This time it was these little beauties, magnets from Paperchase.
I got a verbal 'Happy Mothers day' from son No2 and a verbal 'Happy Made up Holiday' from son No1 he may have got his cynicism from me I suspect! Thank you to all three of you I love you!


Finished Dungarees

I am so pleased with myself for making these babies! I made the pattern from a pair of Heaths dungarees that fit him well. Then just sort of tried stuff. I used some spotty material to line the bib, some hammer on jeans buttons. There are a couple of places that I screwed up a bit like the sides where they button up, I could have done with cutting a bit more generously there, as it was I made a couple of tabs to stick the buttons on. All in all I am pleased though, hope his Mummy is as well!

I used the Flat Fell seam that I learned just last week from Hoppo Bumpo so 'big up' and thanks.


My Creative Space

My creative space is the corner of the dining table. Which means I can only have my things out when the table isn't needed for anything else so it is a constantly changing entity. Teetering on the edge of the table today is a half finished squirrel that I have fallen out with at the mo' and a pair of dungarees waiting to be put together. Fingers crossed I will get a chance to start on that today after work.

To see what others have take a lookee over here.

This is what my Creative Space looked like this eve. I was mid 'dungarees' and my sons mac pulled a Kernel Panic so I had to lend him my computer (and half of the table!) and whilst sewing talk him through linking macs, backing up all his gear then re uploading leopard. Phew! Talk about multi tasking! But it was fun.



I have lost my voice, it is really, really, frustrating! Also I had a class this morning and had to do my teaching by whisper, crazy! I have another class tomorrow so hopefully it will be a little better then.


I dig Chicks!

I have a bit of a fixation with easter chicks. My daughter always buys me some every easter. Last years were a box of 12 of all different colours and how very cute. But look at these baby's. These are so fantastic! Chicks with bunny ears! I love them!


The birthday party

My Grandson had his birthday party, it was so great to see all the littlies having fun. Here he is with the apron and chef's hat I made him. As soon as he unwrapped them he put them on and stayed on until bedtime. Little chick.

It was a pirate party and you can see my grand-daughter here in her pirate outfit. She is just getting a hand with her cutlass.


Grandsons Birthday

A day of celebration. It is my Grandsons 2nd Birthday today. Little chick is so excited, all he could say last night was Heath big boy, 2 years old! Love him. He is going to the Zoo with his lovely Mummy and Daddy today.

One of his fave toys when at 'stay and play' is a little cooker so he is getting one of those for his birthday. So we got him the Ikea kids pan set, utensil set and baking set. So he had to have a nice apron and chefs hat to go with it. I had some nice stripy fabric that was just the job.

I will take pics with him wearing it and post. Hope it fits!


Had to share this

I needed an iPod holder for my Nano. I hate to spend dosh when I don't need to. So I wanted to make one myself, I always try to do this before admitting defeat and going to the shops.

I first tried juice containers, this did work, but it was really difficult to fix it to my car securely, in the end more hassle than it was worth.

Then I came up with this baby, made from proper old vintage meccano.

I love it and it works perfectly. Unless my iPod is in it people just don't know what it is for. And it is so lo-tec and so me.


Finished Easter Bags

The Easter bags are now sewn and ready to go. I am pleased with the way they turned out. This is a bit of a picture heavy post!


Easter Bag progress

I just couldn't wait to post pictures of the Easter bags, so here they are cut out ready to be put together.

I have the calico patches sewn up with the little characters waiting to be attached to the front of the bag.

I love the fabric, it is by Nono and the range is called Breezy. I think it is really pretty.

This one is my fave. I love his angry face!! I'm not sure anyone else would agree with me though!
I envisage the bags stuffed with either a pressy or chocolate chicks or rabbits or whatever, but I won't be selling the chocolate to go with them. I was a chocoholic in the most serious sense of the word, so like any addict must I gave it up. I can now go into shops and not even look in its direction! Star for Alison methinks!


Easter Bags

I had a great day today cutting out and getting ready my easter bags. I have used up the last bits of some really nice fabric I had to make the easter bags for etsy and Coriandr. I hope they go down well! I will post a pic once they are sewn up.


Grandsons scarf

Here is a fleece scarf I made for my grandson. I wanted to make it a little more special than just a bit of cloth that went around his neck so I embroidered his name on. He looks really cute in it.


Little Mushroom Dress

A little Linen dress I made for my granddaughter. I am pleased with how it has turned out, I really wanted red snaps for the straps and was so excited when lo and behold there they were in my box! It was meant to be.

Pretty flower bag

I made this bag for myself over 2 years ago. It has been so popular, I get comments about it everyday. It was after loads of these comments that I decided to make some to sell. I am not going to be able to make many more of these as I am running out of the grass front pieces. I found some for sale but you had to buy a container load! a few too many for my use. I am so addicted to this bag that I use it everyday.


Pink Corduroy Laptop Sleeve

Here is a Pink laptop sleeve that I made for myself. I have a laptop bag but it is just far too much hassle to be dealing with. I pop my laptop in it's lovely sleeve and away I go! I made it from a piece of material I got from Freecycle (thanks!) and used Freehand embroidery on my sewing machine to put a few bugs on it. I like the bugs.

Calico Rabbit

This is a little calico Rabbit I made. I made the pattern over 2 days as I kept changing how it was going to be. I just had a picture in my mind of what I wanted him to look like and he came out just as I pictured him. How often does that happen!! Isn't he cute!

Hi to all

This is my first new and shiny post. I want to upload pics of things I make just to get them out there. I hope you like them.