Easter Bag progress

I just couldn't wait to post pictures of the Easter bags, so here they are cut out ready to be put together.

I have the calico patches sewn up with the little characters waiting to be attached to the front of the bag.

I love the fabric, it is by Nono and the range is called Breezy. I think it is really pretty.

This one is my fave. I love his angry face!! I'm not sure anyone else would agree with me though!
I envisage the bags stuffed with either a pressy or chocolate chicks or rabbits or whatever, but I won't be selling the chocolate to go with them. I was a chocoholic in the most serious sense of the word, so like any addict must I gave it up. I can now go into shops and not even look in its direction! Star for Alison methinks!


Anonymous said...

I love these, I will keep an eye out to see when they hit your etsy shop!

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY said...

Love the delicate embroidery and the images are adorable.

That one rabbit does look a little mad but I'd be mad too if someone ate my chocolate-lol.

Enjoy your weekend!

mellyandrosie said...

Very very cute!!! These are going to be so sweet!

FruteJuce said...

Thanks so much for your feedback. It is appreciated. Happy Making!

lovestitches said...

Ha! I love angry bunny the best! So not the image of Easter that it totally works. Now I have an urge to make myself an angry something bag!