My Creative Space

My creative space is the corner of the dining table. Which means I can only have my things out when the table isn't needed for anything else so it is a constantly changing entity. Teetering on the edge of the table today is a half finished squirrel that I have fallen out with at the mo' and a pair of dungarees waiting to be put together. Fingers crossed I will get a chance to start on that today after work.

To see what others have take a lookee over here.

This is what my Creative Space looked like this eve. I was mid 'dungarees' and my sons mac pulled a Kernel Panic so I had to lend him my computer (and half of the table!) and whilst sewing talk him through linking macs, backing up all his gear then re uploading leopard. Phew! Talk about multi tasking! But it was fun.


Kirsty said...

"Teetering on the edge"...I really like this description.

Patty said...

Hope you get to the squirrel - he looks very cute!