My Creative Space

My creative space today is all about making little coin purses. I love making these as they look so neat. I have avoided doing zips so far but I am no longer scared of zips in these little purses. My Mum showed me how to do them and told me to not be so daft and get over it! So I did! Now to take on other types of zip insertion, I think that can go on hold for a bit.

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Bunny Ears

This one has been hanging around a while. You may have seen an earlier appearance of her in the 'my new toy' post. I was bored last night and wasn't inspired to cut anything out ready for the morning so I decided to attach ears. She is looking much better, now she just needs a face and a skirt!


I won a necklace

I took part in an etsy showcase (it wasn't called a showcase, it had the word tank in it but whatever) for silver clay. I just thought it would be interesting to be nosy. Then part way through they had a prize question, it was "What Egyptian woman was heralded as a mother?" (something along those lines anyway) and my answer was Isis. Wonder of wonders I was correct! And my prize is this lovely necklace by Modademagno. Take a look at her shop she has some nice stuff. It came in a sweet little blue bag, well padded envelope and arrived surprisingly fast!


My little girl - sewing

I am teaching my daughter Fern how to freemotion stitch. She bought an old Husqvarna Viking machine from a friend for £10 a few years back and because of house moves she has only just got it out of storage. It is a cracking machine with a really nice stitch to it. She is sewing away as we speak making a Guns and Roses Tshirt for her friends little boy who has grown out of his!

Edited to add!

After Fern had finished making the tshirt (it came out fab). We were over the other side of the room and the sewing machine started sewing by itself! It freaked us out and we were gobsmacked for a mo'. Then Fern turned it off at the plug. There was a little bit of a burning smell but we left it to cool down and it worked OK but I suspect there is a loose wire somewhere. I will take it apart and have a little looksie. In future must remember to turn off machine when leaving it standing, even by itself.

New nephew

We have a new addition to the family, So he had to have a vest with his name on! I can't believe how tiny he is, he weighed 6lb 4oz. My babies were 8.13, 9.1 and 10.2. He is a little snippet!


My Little Chicks

Here are my two beautiful grandchildren taking advantage of the hot weather we are having here. My daughter has been having my grandson one day a week as my son and daughter in laws next baby is due in 2 weeks and my daughter is going to be looking after him when the event happens. I am so excited about the new babies arrival. I was there for the birth of the other two so this will be my third birth attendance apart from my own three.
It is something so special it is hard to put into words, I am sure if you have attended a birth you will know what I mean.


Finished purse

I have finished the purse now and it has a little nest in my coriandr shop, I will be finding a little niche for it on etsy too. I am pleased with how it has turned out and I will be making some more of these!

My Creative Space

This is what I am up to today. I am on my third purse. The second one went much better than the first so fingers crossed for this one. I am hoping it will show some improvement! I have finally cured the coins dropping out of the side problem so it will actually be a useful purse. I love the fabric I needed it for a cheery day yesterday!

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Sad News

I didn't have a great day yesterday, we have had family hassle which is an ongoing thing with someone in the wider family and their alcohol problem. Pain in the butt but we are dealing with it.

Then yesterday we get the sad news that my sister has cancer. She has been reassured for the last 11 months that she hasn't got it, she was sent for an operation yesterday and they couldn't do it as it was in fact cancerous. I hate the people that have got this so wrong. It has been over a year of her being given the wrong treatment all the while those nasty little vindictive cells have been doing their thing.
I am pissed off to say the least. We had a long chat yesterday and she is really upbeat. But her symptoms are so bad now I am thinking the worst. I don't want to be but I don't feel reassured by the health system.
So if you have a few vibes left over from your own busy and hectic lives I could do with a few of the following, peace, health, relaxation vibes sending this way please.

Phew! That actually helped a little.


Pink Magnolia

My beautiful pink Magnolia 'Susan' is in full flower, delicious! This is the first bloom to open this year so it gets the limelight.


Little Purse

I decided to make myself a purse today. I made the pattern, that went like a dream, then I started to put the purse together. Every little thing that could go wrong went wrong. I have ended up with a purse that looks OK but my eyes zoom straight to the bits that went wrong (as they do!). I am pleased with the side vents that make the difference between a purse and a wallet, they worked well. I think it makes a good starting point and I learned loads. I used my new toy which helped no end.


Picked for front page

2 of my items have been picked for the Coriandr shop front page. The little bird and little mushroom fridge magnets. I'm chuffed!


My Creative Space

As well as my creative space I have another reason to celebrate today. It is my youngest sons 18th birthday. My littlest chick is now an adult! How did that happen?

Creative space today consists of picking stabiliser out of very small nooks and crannies and cutting and tying threads! They are going onto etsy and coriandr they have done well locally so see how they are greeted in cyberspace.

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Easter Chicks

My daughter made these Easter Chick biscuits how sweet!

She also made this Easter chick with her lovely bunny rabbit hair band.



Well this is the result of the faux suede. I am wholly disappointed! I meant to sew it together and thought I would use fabric glue to glue on the spots before sewing. Then I glued the stem together and then glued both sides of the mushroom cap on, then as soon as I did it remembered that I hadn't sewed on the spots. The little grass bits that I had ready for the bottom of the stem came out all wrong. Instead of making the stem the same size and shape as the mushroom cap I did it as a stumpy thing so you can see where it is between the two pieces, dummy! I haven't put the metal ring on it yet as I am unhappy with it. It was a waste of time. There I am out of my huff now!


My new toy

Anyone who knows me knows that I do not iron. I don't believe in it as it is bad for the soul. It is bad for the environment for all these irons all over the world heating up and cooling down and heating up and cooling down etc. (that's my excuse and I am sticking to it!). I really don't iron, it isn't a joke. Lots of my friends despair of me as I am presentable but will not own clothes that need ironing.
So imagine my despair when I realise that after all these years one simple thing I can do to make my crafty bits look so much better when I make them is to give them a 2 second whizz with an iron!!!!! Bugger!!!!
So my wonderful chap comes up with the idea of one of these.

My wonderful brother who is a collecter of every kind of thing had 2 of them hanging around the house so he let me choose one. What a star! So combined with one of these:

I am away. It sits there just waiting for when I need it nice and hot, I can use it (grudgingly) for 2 seconds and not fuss about getting an iron and an ironing board out and it heating up and then have it hanging around till it cools down and I can put it away. What a fab idea.
Here is my first thing I ironed with it.


My Creative Space

This is my creative space today. I love this meme. I have out my faux suede pieces as I want to have a go at making a key ring. So without further ado I will go do that very thing! Lookie over here to see more creative spaces.


An award! for me, yes me!

Thank you so much Beaky, for giving me this award, her fabbo inspiring blog is here.

A Lemonade Award is given to bloggers that you feel show a positive attitude and/or gratitude. Here's how it works:

1.Put the logo on your blog or post (check)
2.Nominate at least 10 (eek!)blogs that show great Gratitude and/or Attitude. (check)
3.Be sure to list and link your nominees within your post. (ohhh gonna try)
4.Let them know they have received this award by leaving a comment on their blog.
5.Nominate your favorites and link to your post.

Ok, here are my 8 who I feel show much gratitude, great positive attitude and just inspire the heck out of me! (all this bit copied from Beaky, sorry for being lazy it is late!)

Oh no lost internet connection last night so carrying on this arvo!





/ I added this one cos I liked the rainbow picture.




Mmmmmm I could only do 8 so I am a wimpout! No I am a newbie blogger and haven't been around that much, I'm not that kind of girl!!

So that was really difficult but I looked back through a few blogs and reminded myself what I liked about them. They are in no order by the way!


Who?What? Bird

Well I persevered with the bird who's pattern was in my Creative Space pics yesterday. There were a few ups and of course a few downs, like unpicking the wings when they looked like they were slipping off the birds back! I am still not sure what she looks like, cross between a chicken and a pigeon so she has become the Who?What? bird. Or as amityvilleboronia said the FruteJuce bird!


My Creative Space

Today I have reworked my bird pattern. Who knows what type of bird it is supposed to be! It looks like a cross between a pigeon and a chicken, whatever it is I kinda like it! Also still deciding which fabrics I want to use. Decisions!
Here you see something I just had to waste some money on from ebay. It is so cute! Barbie size sewing machine, the needle goes up and down when you turn the wheel, how irresistible is that!
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One whole month

OK this is my first month of blogging (I have been a member for years just never got round to it!).

I have found so many lovely sites, so many lovely bloggers, many great tips and so much inspiration. what I love is that it doesn't seem to matter whether you are professional or a sewbie (now who's blog did I see that on again?) like me, it seems to be one big sharing community. Maybe there are little dark alleyways like any other community but I have yet to find them.

One thing I haven't got to grips with is replying to peoples lovely posts they leave me. Most people have no-reply in their email messages. Do I leave a message on my blog under their comment? I haven't as there is no guarantee that they will see it. Do I go to their blog and leave a message on their next post? Mmmm could do that but I like to comment specifically about the thing that they have posted and not make it about me if you see what I mean. What do you do? How do you let people know that you have seen the message and you appreciate the time spent to comment?

So to all you bloggers out their 'big lve' and thanks to you all.

Now onto some things I have been doing this week.

A little mushroom. Another bird and a panda.

I made this little mushroom as my Daughter and son in law collect mushrooms. They have all kinds of mushrooms in their collection apart from a fabric one. So here it is. I loved making this and I know I will be making more of them. I wanted the stitching to be frayey (?) so the fact that I am rubbish really helped! It is made from Cath Kidston fabric, I like the stripy stalk.

Another little bird, I have enjoyed making these as well. I have changed my original pattern for these as I wanted to try something different so the next one will be a little different. This is an old pillowcase and some Cath Kidston for the wings and underbelly.

I had the urge to make a panda, this is another one that I will try again but I am going to rework my original pattern slightly. He is made from some curtains that I got from freecycle (thanks freecyclers)

I have also joined the Toy Society so I am looking forward to dropping my first toy. That should happen some time next week. How exciting!