Well this is the result of the faux suede. I am wholly disappointed! I meant to sew it together and thought I would use fabric glue to glue on the spots before sewing. Then I glued the stem together and then glued both sides of the mushroom cap on, then as soon as I did it remembered that I hadn't sewed on the spots. The little grass bits that I had ready for the bottom of the stem came out all wrong. Instead of making the stem the same size and shape as the mushroom cap I did it as a stumpy thing so you can see where it is between the two pieces, dummy! I haven't put the metal ring on it yet as I am unhappy with it. It was a waste of time. There I am out of my huff now!

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Beaky said...

Oh no! Can it not be saved? Its looks like it would be really cute. This is the sort of thing I do all the time, especially with sewing. Then I have to unpick it all and start again. If you can't save this one, pls give it another go.
B x