My little girl - sewing

I am teaching my daughter Fern how to freemotion stitch. She bought an old Husqvarna Viking machine from a friend for £10 a few years back and because of house moves she has only just got it out of storage. It is a cracking machine with a really nice stitch to it. She is sewing away as we speak making a Guns and Roses Tshirt for her friends little boy who has grown out of his!

Edited to add!

After Fern had finished making the tshirt (it came out fab). We were over the other side of the room and the sewing machine started sewing by itself! It freaked us out and we were gobsmacked for a mo'. Then Fern turned it off at the plug. There was a little bit of a burning smell but we left it to cool down and it worked OK but I suspect there is a loose wire somewhere. I will take it apart and have a little looksie. In future must remember to turn off machine when leaving it standing, even by itself.


Felt~at~home said...

Wehn you say free-motion stitch, do you mean you can do things like write on material. I have a pretty basic machine - it has a few fancy stitches, but I would like to be able to write freehand on material. You seem just the person to ask..... :)
I have 3 little people who are growing up very fast, just like yours. Where does the time go??! Your daughter looks like anatural - that T-shirt looks fantastic!

Lola Nova said...

I have had the same thing happen with an old viking of my gran's. I was told it's best to unplug the machine when not in use. I ended up selling it though to help pay for my new machine.

Jenifir said...

When I did appique on my old Pfaff I ended blowing the resistors in the foot pedal and although the foot pedal was replaced I was never sure that it was as good. Best to have it looked at by a trusted repair shop. My daughter is starting to be interested in sewing too! She is fifteen so I am glad that she is asking while she still lives at home.