I won a necklace

I took part in an etsy showcase (it wasn't called a showcase, it had the word tank in it but whatever) for silver clay. I just thought it would be interesting to be nosy. Then part way through they had a prize question, it was "What Egyptian woman was heralded as a mother?" (something along those lines anyway) and my answer was Isis. Wonder of wonders I was correct! And my prize is this lovely necklace by Modademagno. Take a look at her shop she has some nice stuff. It came in a sweet little blue bag, well padded envelope and arrived surprisingly fast!

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Moda di Magno said...

Hi Alison!

I'm so pleased you received the necklace so quickly! The event you joined us for was the Etsy Metal Clay Team Trunk Show. We'll be doing more of them. It's a treat to use Etsy's virtual lab facilities to show new work (and gather as a team.)

I hope we'll see you again soon!

Cheers from Sunny Boston (home of the Red Sox!)
-Lori Magno
Moda di Magno