My new toy

Anyone who knows me knows that I do not iron. I don't believe in it as it is bad for the soul. It is bad for the environment for all these irons all over the world heating up and cooling down and heating up and cooling down etc. (that's my excuse and I am sticking to it!). I really don't iron, it isn't a joke. Lots of my friends despair of me as I am presentable but will not own clothes that need ironing.
So imagine my despair when I realise that after all these years one simple thing I can do to make my crafty bits look so much better when I make them is to give them a 2 second whizz with an iron!!!!! Bugger!!!!
So my wonderful chap comes up with the idea of one of these.

My wonderful brother who is a collecter of every kind of thing had 2 of them hanging around the house so he let me choose one. What a star! So combined with one of these:

I am away. It sits there just waiting for when I need it nice and hot, I can use it (grudgingly) for 2 seconds and not fuss about getting an iron and an ironing board out and it heating up and then have it hanging around till it cools down and I can put it away. What a fab idea.
Here is my first thing I ironed with it.


CurlyPops said...

My mum used to collect those old irons when we were kids. I wonder what happened to them all?
I'm the same as you.... irons are only used when sewing, never for clothes!

LullabyLily said...

Ditto all that - I have never owned an iron. I am an iron rebel!!! Yeah! But recently realised one might be handy for things I sew (or not...)

Am so in love with your calico bunny - STILL!

Alison said...

Terrible isn't it, my daughter had a Ra Ra skirt back in the day and it cam4e out of the washing machine screwed up in a ball. She only wore it once after that after my lovely neighbor ironed it for her. I have been doing a lot of calico bunnies for friends, but none on etsy or coriandr strange!

Jenifir said...

It just goes to show, what is old can be new again but "greener" and more attractive to boot! A hot iron can really make fabric behave. If I had a range like yours, I would have an excuse to collect old irons. I have always liked ironing as it is just another way to play with fabric. I have put a flickr button on my blog with more sewing studio make over photos.

littlelovelies said...

I must admit I hate ironing - well at least my clothes, everything just come out of the wardrobe and straight on. But my sewing that's different, I almost obsessed with the iron. It's not good!

Anyway - My giveaway started today - you can enter here. Don't worry the prize is not a iron!

x nadine
little lovelies