One whole month

OK this is my first month of blogging (I have been a member for years just never got round to it!).

I have found so many lovely sites, so many lovely bloggers, many great tips and so much inspiration. what I love is that it doesn't seem to matter whether you are professional or a sewbie (now who's blog did I see that on again?) like me, it seems to be one big sharing community. Maybe there are little dark alleyways like any other community but I have yet to find them.

One thing I haven't got to grips with is replying to peoples lovely posts they leave me. Most people have no-reply in their email messages. Do I leave a message on my blog under their comment? I haven't as there is no guarantee that they will see it. Do I go to their blog and leave a message on their next post? Mmmm could do that but I like to comment specifically about the thing that they have posted and not make it about me if you see what I mean. What do you do? How do you let people know that you have seen the message and you appreciate the time spent to comment?

So to all you bloggers out their 'big lve' and thanks to you all.

Now onto some things I have been doing this week.

A little mushroom. Another bird and a panda.

I made this little mushroom as my Daughter and son in law collect mushrooms. They have all kinds of mushrooms in their collection apart from a fabric one. So here it is. I loved making this and I know I will be making more of them. I wanted the stitching to be frayey (?) so the fact that I am rubbish really helped! It is made from Cath Kidston fabric, I like the stripy stalk.

Another little bird, I have enjoyed making these as well. I have changed my original pattern for these as I wanted to try something different so the next one will be a little different. This is an old pillowcase and some Cath Kidston for the wings and underbelly.

I had the urge to make a panda, this is another one that I will try again but I am going to rework my original pattern slightly. He is made from some curtains that I got from freecycle (thanks freecyclers)

I have also joined the Toy Society so I am looking forward to dropping my first toy. That should happen some time next week. How exciting!


CurlyPops said...

Congrats on your one month blogaversary!
I love you little mushy, very cute indeed.

i cant sew said...

i like what i see!
keep it up.
%*_*% rosey

ruthie said...

happy first month blogging, it is adictive. since i started last year i have learnt so much & met so many wonderful folk, it has been an inspiring experience & long may it continue. ps love your creations, its soo long since i had my machine out !!!

Jenifir said...

I sm one month too but did not post about it. Lovely posts! You may consider yourself a sewbie but your creativity is not newbie. Thanks for your lovely comments about my new creative space. I am not sure where to communicate with someone who leaves a comment either.