Who?What? Bird

Well I persevered with the bird who's pattern was in my Creative Space pics yesterday. There were a few ups and of course a few downs, like unpicking the wings when they looked like they were slipping off the birds back! I am still not sure what she looks like, cross between a chicken and a pigeon so she has become the Who?What? bird. Or as amityvilleboronia said the FruteJuce bird!


CurlyPops said...

That's a perfect name for her!

Pamela said...

I think she's sweet!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment :o)

edward and lilly said...

so cute!

Lola Nova said...

Your bird is adorable, what a happy little chirpy! Great fabrics as well.

I'm currently working on a chicken pattern that at first run-through looks like a bit of a mess, poor dear. Back to the drawing board.

c.raf.t said...

Lovely Whowhat? bird!And the fabric as well!

Beaky said...

Loving your birdies and I would have had to have that little sewing machine too if I had seen it.

I have given you an AWARD go to my blog to check it out.
B x