My Creative Space

My creative space today was in fact started yesterday to be continued today. I am so excited and scared because it is the first time I have attempted a frame bag. The bit I am most worried about is the glueing side of things. I am bound to get glue everywhere except where it is needed! It is already a little wonky but I will be able to use it myself. It is lovely fabric so that is good enough! Who cares about a little wonky with handmade?

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Leslie said...

I love the fabric you chose! Good luck.

c.raf.t said...

This fabric looks great...and I'm drooling over the colored threads on th back!

Lola Nova said...

Just saw you over on Mr. X Stitch.
Very Cool!
Love the fabric too.


Take Care

Kirsty said...

The fabric is beautiful but I agree with c.raf.t - your threads look amazing.

CurlyPops said...

Gorgeous fabric!
Isn't it funny how all the crafters notice the pretty spools of thread?

amity ville boronia said...

I managed to get glue everywhere on my frame bag. Luckily it was all on the inside though :D

Lucy Bowler said...

Good luck with the framed handbag! It's going to be fantastic!

Michelle said...

I love your very tidy box of thread. Great fabric for your bag.