The Special Skirt

Yesterday I tackled something I had never tackled before. You can see there is a tale coming can't you!
I attempted making a skirt, not such a big deal you say, well I did it using a pattern, a real pattern bought from a shop, not one made from newspaper by me which I usually use.

All I can say is there was so much reading to do, if I wanted to read i'd get a book! Little symbols to understand, what! I didn't want a lesson in decoding! Anyway suffice to say that everything that could go wrong did, so lots of sewing and unpicking and resewing went on.

As you can see the skirt is nearly done. Just (just she says!) got to fit the zip, side seam, waist band and hem it up. Adventures will be had today!

This skirt is a special skirt. You know it is really nice fabric, we can see that but that is not what makes it special. My sister who has cancer, you may remember this post, doesn't 'do' skirts is going into hospital tomorrow to have a colostomy operation. This will mean her wearing a stoma bag which will be difficult at first with trousers till she can get used to it.

She wanted to have a nice skirt for when she comes out of hospital so I am trying to get it done so that she has it there ready for her. She loves it so far and I really want to get it right cos it's special.


CurlyPops said...

That's such a lovely thought to make her a skirt to wear home. I'm sure she will really appreciate all the hard work and effort that you've put in.
I'll be sending good vibes and happy thoughts again tomorrow.

blackberrycrafts said...

Lovely skirt! I adore the fabric. I was so sad to read the post you linked to about your sister. It's terrible that they could have got it so wrong; sending all good wishes and positive thoughts for her, and your family.

Autonomous Artisans said...

It looks to me like you have made a fabulous skirt. The fabric is gorgeous.

Send your sister big love and healing vibes from me. In that skirt she is bound to feel a whole lot better anyway. How could she not when it is created from love.

Kitty Ballistic said...

Gorgeous fabric, and such a lovely skirt. Your sister will be thrilled with it. And what a lovely gift to give her - sending you and your family positive thoughts and wishes.

Jenifir said...

Great skirt made by a great sister! How thoughtful of you. A fun fabric just the perfect perk up. Just think how much easier the next pattern will be.