Kite Flying

We decided to go kite flying at Dunstable Downs as this is one of the things my sister loves to do, I don't mean kite flying as in a £2 kite from the local shop I mean kite flying as in she owns around 15 kites in varying sizes going up to about 10 feet across, stunt kites and trick kites.
She is starting her Chemotherapy in a short while and we are doing as much as possible as a family before it starts as it is going to be hard going for her.
We had a fantastic day out with practically the whole family. We all took a picnic to share and my brother took his tilly stove so that we had hot drinks all day. The weather was kind to us even though a humongous dark cloud came over and threatened storms before we left, we had no rain. There is nothing nicer than being surrounded by lovely family. My 3 grandchildren were there which makes everything great!
The picture of all of the little kites was a guy near us who had this long string of home made kites, he has over 150 of them but he was flying 130 of them that day.

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Pinkflowerbuttons said...

the kite photo is a really outstanding photo.