My Creative Space

My Creative Space is a couple of days kinda thing this week. First off I have a bunch of purses that I have cut out and will be sewing up today. I have tidied out my pink boxes and moved stuff around in them so that I have some space. Because my work space is my dining table it gets really boring moving stuff from my shelf in the cupboard out to the dining room so I need it to be as organised as possible. Hence pink boxes, well they didn't have to be pink but it helps!

Lastly the picture of the crazyness in that cupboard is my sons shelf where he kept all his stuff for his A levels. Now they are over I have made him vacate that space so that I can have it for my newly sorted pink boxes. Hurrah! A little more shelf space for me to clutter up!

For more creative spaces get on over to kirsty's.


CurlyPops said...

I definitely would have chosen the pink containers too!
Piles of fabric always look so pretty and inspirational.

Lucy Bowler said...

My storage boxes are pink too and it definitely helps! They really brighten up my bookshelves where my creative equipment lives. The fabric looks great too - very industrious!

Leslie said...

It always feels good to get things organized!

Kirsty said...

The fabric stacks on the desk look so inviting.

Jenifir said...

Pink always helps as do delicious fabrics. I want to jump in and make something!