My Creative Space

My Creative space today is filled with laptop bag making. It is a belated Birthday pressie for a friend. It is made from an Ikea quilt cover (new) that someone no longer wanted, even though they had never used it! Strange concept, why buy it in the first place.

Other Creative Spaces over at Kirsty's.


The Stitch Project

I have decided to take part in The Stitch Project. I just thought it would be fun to add my little square to the final piece. I chose some Hi Vis fabric with some equally bright thread. My first idea was to do this ipod screen but the required dimensions made the text too small to read properly when stitched. So Settled on this one instead. I enjoyed it and would like to take part in something similar soon.


Featured Coriander Shop

Today we have TomatoTea's shop. It is full of fun purses, handknit and crochet and lovely yarn. She has 10% off till the end of July for her yarn so go and check it out.
But I just couldn't help showing a pic of the delightful furry hood crochet pattern, which incidentally is only £2.00 a bargain and cute!

I Made This

I chose to feature this skirt as my 'I made this' post as it is special. My sister is just finishing her first week of Chemotherapy and is poorly. I am sending my best vibes out to her to help her through this. X


Featured Coriander Shop

Ruby Spirit Designs has some truly lovely jewllery in her shop. I love the dragonfly necklace pictured above. I also really love the Rainbow Pins she makes as well. She also makes earrings, bracelets and rings. Check her out, it is well worth the look.



I have been featured on Bambino Goodies website. A sweet review and rated as a 'hot buy'. I am very chuffed!


I am a complete fool!

I am hating writing this blog post as it is annoying the hell out of me and making me sad at the same time. It has taken me a few days to write it.

I left a full carrier bag of my craft items in a cupboard whilst on holiday, I didn't remember till I got home. What a total idiot! I have never done anything like this before and I seriously can't get over it. The reason I am really sad is that one of the things in there was an old tin that my Dad gave me years ago before he died. None of the things are worth anything to anyone else, but they are mine and I would love them back.

So I now have absolutely no embroidery threads, no felt at all, no magnets, no embroidery needles, no embroidery scissors, no lovely pencil case with my 'best' stationery, no journal with ideas and sketches and no lovely old tin that my Dad gave me.

The picture above is one taken some time ago for the 'My Creative Space' meme.

I rang the manager at the holiday place to see if the cleaners had found it and they hadn't (some cleaners huh!) I then asked them if they could knock on the door and ask the new tenants if they could get it out of the cupboard and they were unwilling to do that for me.

I hate it!!! Now I have to put it behind me :(


Featured Coriander Shop

Todays featured shop is Heart and Soil baskets which is run by Hen. She has a selection of really beautiful hand made baskets in her shop that just have to be checked out! Hand made basket ware fits in with any kind of decor and has a timeless quality to it. What is also fab about her baskets is that they are made using traditional techniques and managed willow.



Here is a snapshot of the Great British Holiday. I am in Woolacombe in Devon which has a 4 mile (just under) beach of lovely soft sand. As you can see it isn't raining :)

I love holiday! Back to normal service next week.


My Sun Hat

At last I got the opportunity to make myself a sun hat. We are going on holiday tomorrow and my usual one was looking a bit tired. It has a few more mistakes than the one I made for my Mum as I was running out of time, and fast! But I am working on getting my pattern perfect. It just needs a bit more tweaking.


Featured Coriander Shop

Today's featured Coriandr shop is lej jewellery and is run by Joanne. I really love her bead necklaces she does have a nice selection of blue beads which I love. She also has some little piggy earrings but I do love the photo frame book mark pictured above.

Joanne will create custom orders in different colours or sizes which is always good so
go and take a look at her Coriandr shop:


Finished Sunhat

And here is the sunhat I made for my Mum being modeled by my neighbor.

My Creative Space

My Creative Space this week is all about a sun hat for my lovely Mum. I had wanted to make one for myself and told her about it, she said she didn't have one and how she would love me to make her one, the rest, as they say, is history.
Making the pattern was so fiddly and it has to be absolutely perfect or it doesn't work, it was a bit of a nightmare! So much more fiddly than making the pattern for the Calico Bunny even.
I loved sewing the brim, that was my fav part, and the little fella in the last picture was my buddy! I will post a pic of it when it is finished. I am hoping to get my sun hat made before we go away in a couple of days, not sure if that will happen!!