I Made This

I chose to feature this skirt as my 'I made this' post as it is special. My sister is just finishing her first week of Chemotherapy and is poorly. I am sending my best vibes out to her to help her through this. X


TomatoTea said...

Chemotherapy is hard hard going and i wish your sister and your family all the best. From reading the linked posts it was so sweet of you to make her this skirt :)

Ammie said...

Your skirt is sensational. And that fabric--wow! I'll add my good vibes to yours. (I found you from your Meet Me at Mike's comment! Mine was http://skemommlenskedaddle.blogspot.com/2009/07/papery-pottery-and-weavery.html)

midge said...

love that skirt, the fabric is divine. hope your sister is feeling chipper