Cupcakes, Cocktails and Cross Stitch

I went along to this event today. It was such good fun. We were greeted at the door by girls dressed in vintage outfits handing out free delicious cupcakes and Vodka Jello (£1).

The cocktail bar was selling such cocktails as the shoreditch sunrise, which went down well, although I had a tap water as usual.

Lots of cross stitchers, I forgot to take a picture of the table selling all the goodies and the tray of cross stitching kits.

And in that last picture just look! Three men doing cross stitch. There were around 6 or 7 guys I saw there taking part and it was just so nice. The venue was great, it had a roof garden with barbeque, bands playing in the basement and it was just an all round relaxed place. I want to host one now.


Mr X Stitch said...

I'm totally jealous that you went! :)
Next time I'll come with you.

Fabric Nation said...

This looks really good fun!