After the Event

The Milton Keynes MaKe event was great! I shared a stall with Dotty's Hats and Leif Treasure Baskets. Very good company.
My stall was next to Alissa's plus-size clothes swap very nice lady and very popular event. Hope to see this again!
Which was conveniently next to the lovely cakes and biscuits! Very tasty and they had Vegan cake as well which was much appreciated by my daughter.
Lots of talented people there, I made some new contacts plus I managed to not spend too much which is very hard to do when you are faced with lovely things you want to buy and can't just walk away.

I am hoping the MaKe event will happen again......


DaMonique said...

Where was this event at? Those cakes and biscuits look yummy!

Bekka said...

Hi! It was lovely to meet you yesterday and to be the other side of all those scrummy lavender bags!


Nikki Cardigan said...

Great to hear the event went well. We need things happening in our local communities to remind us that we are no alone. Your day sounds like lots of fun, with a good mix of socialising, shopping and yummy food.