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I have been to visit my sister this morning who has now finished Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy and looks amazingly well. She is managing to walk around a lot more. She is so totally bored at home after being practically a workaholic we have tried to keep her busy. My Mum has taught her to crochet so the granny squares are being made at great haste.

My little project for the day has been more lavender bags. I have been using some pretty fabrics like the russian doll and sacred heart stuff. These are for the Make event (previous blog post) on Sunday.

The lavender is so strong, but it is so lovely. Each time I walk into the house we have the lovely aroma. The lavender bag experience has brought back so many childhood memories for me. My Mum used to make them, my Dad would grow the lavender, it would be dried and my Mum would make all kinds of little bags for family and friends.

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Ooty said...

Well first of all, I wish all the health in the world to your sister, and for you all, tostay storng enough to go through this and win it over!!!

your lavender bags are so super cute!!! makes me really wanna learn to sew! =0)

Nikki Cardigan said...

It must feel great to see your sister looking well. I hope that this continues for her. Will you all be expecting rugs for Christmas this year?!

Good luck at Make. I hope it is both fun and successful for you.

CurlyPops said...

Wonderful news that your sister is improving. It's so hard to transition from work to home when it's so quick like that. She'll be crocheting up a storm for sure!

beck said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, it was a lovely surprise! Now I see you and I are doing similar things..how funny. The inspiration for my lavender love hearts came from some I saw using the same babushka fabric you are using! I have one on my bed, it's so sweet. I'd like to see more of your work, it looks fantastic. Take care xo ps I can't believe you are a grandmother, you don't look nearly old enough!!