My Creative Space

I am sharing my creative space with lots of lavender again. It smells lovely as I sew them and I got lots of comments about their lovely smell on the stall last week.

I am also sewing a horse Tshirt. Lots of felt and swirly stitchy mane. More about that one later.

Today my creative space has also been sorting out a tech problem at work. I run a html course on Thursday mornings. The room that I use has just updated internet explorer. This has thrown up problems with viewing and editing the source code of webpages with notepad which used to be the default source code viewer. It has been changed with the upgrade to default to word which is not what I want to be doing.
So a quick call to the IT guys who do the support only to be told that there is nothing that can be done about it. No sorry that is not the answer I was looking for...........this is where Dr Google came in. It took me a minute to Google it, a minute to ring the tech guy and explain how to change the default viewer back to notepad! Why did I have to do that, why didn't he use google? Twit!

I decided to use one of my lavender bags to relax a little instead of banging my head against the wall!

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CurlyPops said...

Mmmmm love lavender bags.
Hmmmm don't love tech support!

Ooty said...

I love your little lavender bags!! And as for google, I can't remember life without it =D

Nikki Cardigan said...

Do you need more lavender things sewn or is it just the smell that you are craving...???!!!

You have my interest in the horse t.shirt. And of course, as soon as you say more later, I want to know now!

And I feel your pain with the different browsers. My husband is an web designer and works from home so I hear his pain when he sees ridiculous differences viewing the same webpage on different browsers. Aggghhh. As for the tech support, I don't think I can say anything you're not thinking!

Tweed Delights said...

Lovely lavender bags - I love the rik-rak (I think that's what it's called!)hanging loops.

Maybe if it had been a female 'technical support person' things might have gone differently!

Holly said...

Thanks for reminding me - I must get cracking on some lavender bags for Christmas, we have tons of lavender in our garden.