Sugar Skull T-Shirt

And here is Emma's Sugar Skull T-Shirt. I really enjoyed doing this one, I would like to get one more made before the market on Saturday. Not sure whether that will actually happen though, as I have so much on!


Bekka said...

Love this Alison


CurlyPops said...

Wow that is gorgeous! How on earth do you control the sewing machine so well with that stitching?

Jo Ashcroft said...

This is fabulous and so is the horse. What sort of felt do you use? I am assume ( as a mum) that they are washable so I wonder if felt launders OK. Cheers Jo

Craft Matters said...

Hi - just arrived here via Etsy Midlanders - I really love your work! Fabulous. I think we have similar tastes in fabrics - all very inspiring. :)