My Creative Space

My Creative Space has changed somewhat over the last three or four weeks. My 'real' day time job has picked up again and I have a lot more work to do right now. Which is great cos it means I get paid, as I am a freelancer no work, no pay.

So instead of making things and immersing myself in fabric and thread I am immersing myself in html and Photoshop and collecting peoples stories for a project I am working on, which I really enjoy but I had quite got used to spending lots of time making and blogging! I am sure normality will return and my workload will return to zilch!

So this is a late Creative Space today, it is 10.35 pm on Thursday and just had to spend some time making something before I go to bed! So I got out my nice threads that I got from a charity shop for around 20p. These threads are really fine, not a lot more than sewing thread. I am sure the proper crocheters amongst us will be familiar with them. My Mum used to use them to do tatting, but I have never used them before. So I got out my crochet hook that my Mum gave me about a month ago and had another go at making a flower that she taught me. I will say nothing about my efforts! But I will try to improve as and when I get the opportunity!

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Kirsty said...

The pastel shades you're working with are really lovely.

Penny said...

That's such a sweet little flower! Love it! The only thing I can crochet is a line.

Kylie said...

So tiny and so cute! I think you've done really well :) Yah! to having more work... income is a good thing! ;) K

Peta @ Pippiwillow said...

Just lovely. Pure and simple and honest. I cant crochet at all (yet), one day I'll have a go. Peta

Jenifir said...

It looks better than anything that I can crochet. I get an idea to do something like that every once and awhile and it oftens ends in frustration (trying to re-teach myself tatting-did not go well). Your inspiration will probably get you through the worst of the frustration.