The Quilt Project

The wonderful Quilt Project that was an idea hatched by Kirsty at Kootoyoo was launched today. I was so sorry that I couldn't be there in person and see all the wonderful squares, but Kirsty has done a stirling job with the Quilt Project Blog so we can get a good look at what everyone has done.

When I first spotted this I jumped in and said I would make a square, then a couple of days later I realised that I had to actually make a square, send it off and let it be seen next to all the lovely ones that everyone else had made. It was then that I considered telling Kirsty I couldn't do it. I had a stern word with myself and spent about 3 weeks racking my brain as to what I could put on my square.

The Quilt is now made and it is really wonderful and I am so pleased that I have been a part of it. Thank you to you all.

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Felt~at~home said...

Alison - this is brilliant. I have visited the quilts own site too & the finished work looks truly wonderful! Your square is fantastic & instantly recognisable. Many congratulations - the project looks fabulous to part of.