Brooches and Magnets and Key Rings Oh My!

I have been rather busy today making new backs for my brooches, Magnets and Key Rings. I have wanted to do this for so long as the old ones were looking a bit jaded, so took a bit of time today to rectify it. I am sure there will be changes along the way, but for now I am rather pleased with them.


My Creative Space

This week I have been making small tote bags that will have little things appliqued onto them. I love this dotty fabric. I got around 6 mtrs for a really low price which always makes it that little bit nicer.
I have also been making key rings and brooches. These are to top up my stock for the craft fairs I have booked for the run up to Christmas.

I think I should really be sorting out things I am making for folks for Christmas, it is going to be a handmade Christmas again this year. The best way.

Lots more creative spaces over at Kootoyoo


Floppy Calico Bunny

Another bunny finished and ready to go. I have made this one slightly larger all round, still has the floppy feel to it, not sure if I prefer the original size or not. And this one has embroidered features rather than painted ones. Time will tell.


A very kind gesture

I had to find a new stabiliser to use inside the freemotion baby vests I make. I had tried it without and the fabric stretches which is not the best for the design. I had tried another type of iron in stabilizer but it made the vests stiff as a board!

I asked about stabilisers on The Sewing Forum , where I have picked up many helpful tips and hints. I got a few replies one of which reccommended Floriani stabilisers. I had a look and they are pretty pricey! I wondered if it was possible to buy a few little bits to see if it was in fact what I needed. Then I had a reply from Annie (another member who is always around to give a hand). She offered to send me a couple of her bits so that I could try them out.

Big thanks to Annie as it was such a kind thing to do, I found that the Floriani no show mesh fusible is 'the one'.

The pics don't show the actual Floriani fusible just part of the process.


Finished Skull T-Shirt

Here is the finished skull T-Shirt that has gone off to it's new home. They are really pleased with it and I am as well, it took a hell of a lot of sewing but I enjoyed it.
I seem to be going through a bit of an embroidered felt phase. I have added a few little felt bird keyrings to my things for my craft stalls, still haven't taken any pictures hopefully time will allow for this soon.......


Cookie Monster

Just gotta love him! 40 years of Sesame Street, one of the TV programmes I never minded my kids watching.