A very kind gesture

I had to find a new stabiliser to use inside the freemotion baby vests I make. I had tried it without and the fabric stretches which is not the best for the design. I had tried another type of iron in stabilizer but it made the vests stiff as a board!

I asked about stabilisers on The Sewing Forum , where I have picked up many helpful tips and hints. I got a few replies one of which reccommended Floriani stabilisers. I had a look and they are pretty pricey! I wondered if it was possible to buy a few little bits to see if it was in fact what I needed. Then I had a reply from Annie (another member who is always around to give a hand). She offered to send me a couple of her bits so that I could try them out.

Big thanks to Annie as it was such a kind thing to do, I found that the Floriani no show mesh fusible is 'the one'.

The pics don't show the actual Floriani fusible just part of the process.

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