Hearts For Haiti

We are all aware of what is going on for those folks in Haiti. We have all probably donated some money. Fantastic, I am pleased to hear that.
Now there is another way to try and raise some more funds for Haiti.
Etsy shops have united for Haiti it is called Hearts for Haiti there are lots of etsy folks that have donated items, all of the profits go to Doctors without borders. So please if you are looking for a valentine gift, or any other item for that matter please take a look in the Hearts for Haiti shop.

I found out about it from 'lil Sonny Sky blog.

I have donated the iphone cover above.


Calico Bunny Pattern

Sheesh! It seems this is all I go on about these days, really!

But I now have a volunteer to try out the pattern for me, could do with another one if anyone is still interested.
I have spent so many hours working on this thing that I am now dreaming about it. I am not quite finished but so very nearly there, then, I promise I will shut up about it, for a little while at least.


Pattern tester for PDF Pattern for Floppy Calico Bunny

I am in need of a little help, I don't have anyone close by that I can ask this big favour. I have nearly finished the PDF for the Floppy Calico Bunny pattern, but before I put it 'out there' I could do with someone to have a go at following my rambling instructions and basically test it out. Once tested I would need some feedback on any improvements that could be made.
If you are a softie maker and would like to have a go at it please leave a comment and I will get back to you.

Thank you


I got featured!

Had to share the news that I have been featured on the blog 'I Love Handmade'. It is a blog run by Kev, who shares handmade products from around the world. The blog features all kinds of crafts. Well here is my baby vest that has been featured. I love that little model in the picture. My youngest grandson when he was 11 weeks old ♡

Happy New Year

Hi all,
I would like to wish all my friends in blog land a Happy New Year.