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If you are one of my fans on facebook or you follow me on twitter you will have seen this already (sorry), but you know how it is, I can't stop going on about it because I am so excited about having made it!

I have made a felt Apple iPod Remote Control brooch.

The scenario is that it is cold outside, you have your hat, scarf, gloves and big coat on. iPod in your pocket. You want to change track or volume or skip a track you have to take your gloves off, fish around in your pocket get it out, change track or whatever, put it back then put your gloves back on.

With the felt Apple remote control, you stick your brooch on your coat and press either the left or right side of the apple:
    Play/Pause: Single click
    Next/Previous Track: Double click
    Next/Previous Album: Triple click
    Volume Up/Down: Press and hold

I just love it and will be making more designs for my etsy, folksy and coriandr shops.

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Rosy Lady said...

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing with the Textile Tinkerers group.

Wendy said...

Love this! Clever and useful, too!

Rachelle said...

Great idea. I love anything to do with felt, if only i had a ipod (i think i'm the only person in the world who doesn't have one).

Barbara said...

Very nifty idea!

Penny said...

What a sensational idea Alison. You clever lady you! Hope they sell their socks off on Etsy.