My Creative Space

My creative space today is in a bit of a mess. Everything is up in the air, we are decorating and nothing is in it's right place. My creative space does not feel creative to me at all. It feels like something to be endured and can't wait to get to the other side of it!

The worst part is not being able to get out my machine and get on with so many projects that I have lined up. The first being some trousers that I am making for my grandchildren, I have 3 little pairs of trousers that are part way through, I am so excited about getting them finished it makes me impatient. Can you tell that I am fed up with it!!

Plus no hope of finding the camera at the mo' so found a pic of a huge bunch of roses that Will brought home from work for me. He had been asked to remove these as part of a hedge he had to take out. Too nice to chuck away!

More creative spaces over at kirsty's. Hopefully next week I will be less grumpy!


Lisa said...

How lovely your making your Grandchildren trousers! hope they get finished soon...kids grow soooo fast!! love the flowers!

Jenifir said...

There is nothing like interrupted creativity! I hope the decorating is soon over and you can get back to what you really want to do. Flowers always make me smile so I like your picture.