I bought some purse frames from etsy. I was going to make some glasses cases with them as my sister needed one. Frames arrive and they are tiny, not even my thin glasses would fit through their teeny jaws! I only blame myself as the sizes were clearly stated in their listing. So they are becoming little purses instead.
I cut the fabric much larger than you normally would for purse frames of this size as I wanted them to be exagerated. I like it, more to be made methinks!


CurlyPops said...

It's so difficult to visualise sizes when you're buying online... they do make very sweet purses though.

artangel said...

They're so pretty! Maybe they'll be best-sellers and you'll end up glad you didn't get the right size!

Penny said...

Have you ever tried buying supplies from Nikki?


This is for a whole kit though, not sure if she sells the snap closures separately.

Rheea said...

Sometimes I wish I have family members or friends who love making things so I'll have free gifts all the time! These are lovely purses (especially when made with so much love). I'm sure your sis will love it.

PS: Thank you for following my blog!~ :)