Latest treasury

I have decided that it may be a nice idea to show any treasuries that I am included in here. Some of them look really nice and it is a shame for them to pretty much disappear into the ether.

This treasury included my matryoshka lavender bags, thanks to vintagegirl on etsy for making it.


The Rabbit in Red

Latest Bunny to hit the streets.


Sugar Skull Lavender Bags

I have been busy making my latest sugar skull lavender bags, I have printed the fabric myself and it is amazing how well it comes out. I have used my normal inkjet printer to do this. I have so many other ideas up my sleeve now I have tried this.

Before those Sugar Skulls came these, but I felt I wanted to make my own from start to finish. 

Must not chat too long, can you tell that I am putting off other matters that I should be dealing with.....


Summer Dress

Yes summer dress at this time of year. You can guess that it has to be for my Mum who never does things in the way that others do.
She had her heart set on having a couple of ruched dresses and in true style wanted them made rather than bought.
So we set to and made them. I think they came out really nicely, I was pleased with the result.
Have to say that it is fiddly hand winding the bobbin with the elastic but the rest is really simple. So by the time the weather warms up she will have them ready.