Year of the Rabbit Treasury

My Calico Rabbit has been included in this lovely year of the Rabbit treasury. I am so impressed with the cleverness of etsy folks. Lots of lovely bunnies to browse.
We have just moved into the year of the rabbit, a time for quiet after the year of the tiger. A person born in the year of the Rabbit possesses one of the most fortunate of the twelve animal signs. The Rabbit, or Hare as he is referred to in Chinese mythology, is the emblem of longevity and is said to derive his essence from the Moon. Here is the treasury on etsy.


Don't ya just love a bodge

I was making a few things this evening with my sewing machine when the bulb fell out and dropped on the floor. After managing to drag it out from under the table I discovered that the filament was broken. Luckily I had a spare bulb so went to put it in my machine.
Normally quite a simple procedure, oh no, not simple at all. My machine is  Pfaff select 4 and you can't remove the end where the bulb sits as it is constructed from one piece. You are meant to squash your fingers into a weird position and force it into a tiny hole and then turn it once your fingers are being cut into with the sharp edge of the casing.
It says in the manual 'simply' blah blah blah, or buy the bulb inserting tool. What I want to know is if you need one of these to put in a darn bulb why not bloody give you one with the machine!
So I went to look for one on the web and couldn't find one.
My other half started to have a look around to see if he could come up with anything suitable to make one with. The complete star came up with my new bulb inserting tool which now lives in my sewing machine tool box.
It is a lid from a rescue remedy bottle (quite fitting really!) and a latex glove screwed up inside. Works like a dream. Sorted! 


Etsy Forums

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